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Sammy. 16. Sort of a Taylor Swift blog. I do post my own gifs, pictures, and edits sometimes. I also reblog a lot of stuff I like. I have other blogs and twitters but I don't really give them out, if you find it then good for you. :)
My blog is anything but serious but I do hope you get a good laugh and a nice reblog out of it. ;)
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I hope you learn to block out the words that will just devastate you. That’s been a tough lesson for me to learn.
– Taylor Swift (x)

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you see, it’s a metaphor

you nominate Leonardo DiCaprio for an Oscar but you don’t let him win

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you see, it’s a metaphor

you nominate Taylor Swift for all kinds of country music awards but you don’t let her win

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Simple Life - Megan & Liz

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Simple Life - Megan & Liz | Purchase on iTunes soon!

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Hello loves!

We love the relationship we have with you guys because we feel like we can tell you everything that’s going on in our lives and have you guys understand it fully. You have probably been wondering why we have sort of gone “quiet” lately.

Well, a week before Christmas, our lives…

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